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#16 Recaredo Toledo


Bar, Restaurant, Coffee in the park of Recaredo in front of the walled enclosure of the Historic District of Toledo and very close to one of the main accesses, the Puerta del Cambrón, entrance also to the neighborhood of the Jewish quarter.

Recaredo is in the center of the city and is a terrace, restaurant, tapas bar and cocktails in a privileged place between the new and historic city. It is a space completely glazed and integrated into nature, in the gardens of Recaredo Park.

Recaredo, opens every day in the morning and afternoon and offers a very Mediterranean menu with some Manchego touches. Stand out the rice that you can combine in a paella pan, as if it were a pizza, an idea that allows you to taste up to four different rices and in different sizes.

Special mention to their dishes (portions) and their commitment to the grill. A very informal letter designed for everyone and ideal to share and all with very reasonable prices, proper service and careful decoration.

Schedules. Open every day L - V and D 13:00 h - 1:00 h V - S 13:00 h - 2.00 h


Recaredo Toledo
Parque de Recaredo, s/n Toledo
T. +34 925 239 424